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How much has the USD 465 Foundation distributed through its special projects over the years?
The Foundation has given: Over $176,750 in teacher grants. More than $40,000 in donations to music projects and refurbishing over 100 attic instruments. Over $250,000 in scholarships. Over $226,000 through the Harbor Project. And almost $22,000 towards Restoration of USD 465 Art Collection.

How do I apply for a scholarship from the foundation?
Most of the foundation scholarships can be applied for by using the standard application.  (A separate application is needed to apply for each award.)  In most cases the deadline for application is April 15, but check the Scholarship page for more precise deadlines and qualifications.

Do I have to be a Winfield High School student to apply for a foundation scholarship?
Yes, you must be a WHS student or graduate.

How do I apply for a Teacher’s Grant?
Teacher grant applications are made in February and September. Grants are given in March and October. Applications can be made by filling out the Teacher Grant Application Form found here.

I’m trying to find an old friend—how can I reach a classmate with whom I’ve lost touch?
The foundation has created a database of Winfield High School graduates from 1926 to 2011. It contains more than 10,000 names and addresses. The foundation makes this information available for nonprofit purposes including organization of class reunions. Contact board member Kaydee Riggs-Johnson at kaydee.riggsjohnson@sckans.edu, for more information.

Are my contributions to the foundation tax-deductible?
Yes. As a 501(c)3 organization, your donations are fully deductible. Find gift form here.

Is my class having a reunion?
Please check the Reunion Schedule 2023

Our class is planning a reunion. How can we find classmates?
Contact Kaydee Riggs-Johnson at kaydee.riggsjohnson@sckans.edu.or by phone at 620-229-6343. She can email you the addresses in the foundation directory for your class.

Can our class reunion information be posted on this website?
Yes!  Contact Julie Thompson at juliathompson@cox.net or at 620-222- 4104.  We would love to add it to our Reunion Schedule 2023