Harbor Project

Following completion of the Winfield High School renovation and Winfield Middle School construction in 2004, the USD 465 Foundation assumed responsibility for a community project that would focus on beautification of the school grounds.

The Harbor Project was intended not only as a way to fund addition of a central meeting area but also as a way to raise funds to pay for landscaping of the entire school campus.

The Harbor Project began at the south entrance. That whole side of the campus was landscaped and a patio area created with benches and donor bricks. This highly-used entrance to WHS is now beautiful and welcoming to students and visitors.

The project’s flagship area, the Viking Harbor, was opened in April 2009. It is located in a courtyard just south of the high school cafeteria and serves as a gathering place with tables, benches, special lighting, and a Viking ship mosaic. Its center holds special memories in its many donor bricks and named benches. Students use the area during prom, on nice days for lunch, and for special class times. It is also a popular place for reunions to gather.

In the fall of 2011, the Harbor Project added the WMS Arboretum. This science learning lab is home to 13 different tree species with signs identifying the scientific and common name of each one. It provides a lovely addition on the north side of the campus just outside the WMS science rooms. Students are engaged in watering and learning as the trees grow.

Recently the Harbor Project has concentrated on adding more trees to the stark areas of the campus. Vocational agriculture students helped plant evergreens at a north entrance to WMS in 2015, and in the fall of 2016 six large oaks and maples were added to the northwest side of the campus.

Future projects include revamping the WHS library patio and the WHS main west entrance.

The Harbor Project is very grateful to WHS graduates and the Winfield community for more than $215,400 of funding given to this project. With continuing sales of bricks and pavers and generous donations the foundation looks forward to proudly seeing the whole WMS/WHS campus beautifully landscaped in the future.

Learn more about ways you can financially support this great project:

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For more information contact Julie Thompson at juliathompson@cox.net

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