Scholarship Winners Announced

USD 465 Foundation awarded $16,700 in scholarships this spring to WHS graduates.
Congratulations to our Winners!

2018 Graduate awards
Anglemyer/Fralic Scholarship – Derek Bryant, Flynn Jackson, Julie Thongsavanh,
Damian Annuschat Scholarship – McKia Lemon, Taylor Byerley
James Annuschat Scholarship – Abbie Hutto, Randi Hutto, Megan Owens, Megan Smith
Taylor Bradbury Scholarship – Ben Bradbury
Carmen Gonzales – Megan Smith
Hawk Scholarship – Isabella Hunt, Eddy Phiouphongphang
Ritchie Meils Scholarship – Kylie Randall
Plank/Lowe Scholarship – Mia Pentz
Viets Scholarship – Emma Bate, Derek Bryant, McKia Lemon, Bailey Phillips

Graduates with some college credit awards
Graham Scholarship – Sydney Fox, Shelley Moran, Mia Pentz, Robert Pickering, Eddy Phiouphongphang, Kylie Randall
Bill Medley Scholarship – Sydney Fox


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